My name is Dan Nguyen, but I go by Nuge, which sounds like “NOOJ”. That nickname came from people mispronouncing my last name “Nguyen” during middle school in Boston.

I studied architecture at the Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and graduated with my Master’s in Architecture. After several years in the field, I found the working experience to be sharply different from the intensive creative process of my architectural studies. Instead, I felt like I was strapped-down to a computer, drawing construction documents and rearranging condominium layouts. Whereas in architecture school, I was taught to be as wild and imaginative as possible, with a powerful creative energy flowing through my veins that propelled me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to produce new and vibrant designs.

Today, I create in the studio which allows me to express my creativity best by working with my hands. I sometimes struggle to articulate my thoughts into words, so producing artwork that is expressive of emotions feels extremely natural to me. I was drawn to art because it offered me the freedom to create that I did not have in my architectural career.

Being fully immersed in my art has revived a powerful energy in me to create. I now have a creative license that allows me to produce whatever my heart desires. Creating shapes and sculptures that evoke warmth, strength, and sensuality is a means of expressing my feelings, and seeing people connect to my work on an emotional level is one of the greatest compliments that I could ever receive as an artist.

All of my pieces are handcrafted, and this is something that I take great pride in. Working with my hands gives me a comprehensive understanding of my work that I would not be able to achieve had I been creating it behind a computer screen. By working daily, and revisiting a work day after day, I am able to fully understand not only how each piece looks, but how they feel and what parts need to be massaged and refined further. This practice ensures that each of my art pieces is unique, with a voice of its own.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it for you.

Nuge <3